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Our solutions are built on the success of products such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Power Platform, Microsoft Azure and more

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Natural Flow

Process-oriented way of working, not function-controlled

Predictive Maintenance

Proactive property management with detailed building information

Awesome Design

User-centric graphic interfaces with role-based access to data and views

Unrivaled Customer Experience

Data-driven service design enabling personalized services

Open platform

Smooth integrations with standardized API:s

Business Insights

Intuitive business insights with 360-view of your customers and your business

How is Properia different?

Before Properia


  • Property management systems developed from scratch and customized for every client
  • Locked-in systems with poor or unexisting possibilities to integrate
  • Inadequate and out-dated functions
  • Poor code quality with endless bug-fixes and serious errors


With Properia


  • Standardized platform with the advantage of scaling
  • Open and standardized API:s enables smooth integrations
  • Smart and up-to-date functions with continuous readiness for future technologies
  • Released potential to enhance your business with data-driven insights and predictive maintenance


A Platform Business

The future property management system is not one system – it's a Platform - that can and will integrate with other platforms, services, and systems, externally as well as internally. Our products embraces the future, giving our customers options for success.

Flexible Business Models

Enable new products for property management companies incl. sharing-economy, tennant service providers, and other services

Ownership of Data

Clear ownership of data incl. customer-related data-streams and easy access to external data

Prepare for the Future

Prepared for future needs to manage the smart city (eg sensor data / IoT, 5G, external open data)

Unlocked business potential

Free of lock-in mechanisms you finally have the development of your business in your own hands

Freedom of Choice

Built on standardized platform / products / COTS (Commercial-off-the-shelf) to let you choose the implementation partners of your choice

Smartest Tech

Ability to always have the smartest solutions and services (AI, Digital Twin, Blockchain, etc.) with new technology

Are you ready for the future?

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