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Smart Cities

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"The future of Property Management is dead!"

The property management industry, as we know it today, will not exist in the future. It will be closely intertwined with other players of the smart city ecosystem, gathered around citizens’ needs.

Tomorrow's cities are driven by citizens and services
- Smart and Integrated!

The property management industry, like all other industries, is moving from being product-oriented to being customer-centric. By tradition, the industry is focused on the refinement and management of the properties themselves, with less focus on development of customer services. In the smart city, however, citizens are at the center of everything.

Therefore, we believe it’s time to shift focus.

Our Approach and Offerings

Where to start?

First we learn to walk, then we run and as we grow we may like to fly. We have a way of working to support your processes and transformational change. What do we mean by that?

Properia Platform

Our process-oriented platform makes up the hub for any property management company as part of the smart city ecosystem.


Your business is unique. Our offering is too. Let’s find the best solution for you

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