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Solutions For The Future

We believe that the property management industry, as we know it today, will not exist in the future.
It will be closely intertwined with other players within the smart city ecosystem, gathered around citizens’ needs.
The property management industry, like all other industries, is moving from being product-oriented into being customer-centric.
By tradition, the industry is focused on the refinement and management of the properties, with less focus on development of customer services.
In the smart city, however, citizens are at the center of everything.

Therefore, it’s time to shift focus.

Take the first step towards the Smart City today

Process development

Mapping and development of prioritized processes with clear value for the business.

Proof of Concept

Development of a PoC based on the results of the process development, with user interfaces and integrations.

Properia Platform

Introduction of process by process to meet the current needs of the business and the challenges of the future.


Successive transfer of data and processes from affected systems as well as settlement of redundant systems.