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Our Philosophy

We believe in open societes where people and companies can share processes and data easily and effortless. Bridgit Technologies AB develops process-oriented platforms, solutions and services for the smart city with a focus on the property management industry. Together with our leading partners we believe in building value for the smart city ecosystem.

Unlocking the Future of Smart Cities

Any future city needs better access to actionable data, integrated with services that the citizens in the city needs and want. It also needs to be sustainable and open for change.

Build Where It Matters

We want to create solutions, marketplaces and products that are open, data rich, easy to integrate with and easy to use. We are working with the latest and best platforms with our partners, developing the coolest and most sustainable solutions and products.

Our company mission is to unlock the future of smart cities

  • We are focused on creating lasting ecosystems of services, partners and users for the future of smart cities
  • The ecosystem of the smart city brings people together using technology and infrastructure to improve living conditions and minimize environmental impact
  • We believe that handling of data is the foundation of any ecosystem
  • We enable sharing-economy and collaborations with an open ecosystem
  • We created Bridgit Technologies AB in February 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden
  • The founders are visionary and proactive leaders with drive and passion to revolutionize the property management industry
  • We initially target the propery management industry, as buildings and its habitants are key components to a city, and fundamental parts of any smart city.

Meet the Team

Johan Hallberg

CEO and Founder

- 30+ years of experience from strategy and product development with passion for building business opportunities
- Tech-savvy CTO and Innovation Lead with experience from smart city projects
- Former CTO DCX @ Capgemini Sweden, Research Manager @ IDC, Global Product Manager @ Ericsson

John Björklund

VP of Sales and Strategic Consulting

- MBA @ Aberdeen Business School
- Managing Director and VP of Sales @ various startups, Strategic Management Consultant @ Sigma

Patrik Saikkonen

VP of Tech and Co-Founder

- Many years of experience in the D365 world in several different roles, architect, consultant, BA.
- Understands business processes well and can design and implement system on large scale. Extensive knowledge of Service, Field Service system and business processes.
- Great interest in how today's and the future of system technology can be used in the real estate industry.