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Bridgit Properia bridges the gap between the future of smart cities and the reality for today’s real estate companies

Bridgit Properia is different!

Why? Because it enables you to

  • Lower your cost and increase customer satisfaction
  • Start using flexible business models enabling new products for real estate companies including sharing economy, service providers to customers and similar services
  • Work with a process oriented approach, not function driven
  • Have true ownership of data internally including customer related data streams and easy access to external data
  • Be Prepared for future needs to manage the smart city (e.g. sensor data/IoT, 5G, external open data)
  • Harvest the power of open standard platform/products for faster integration and free choice of implementation partners
  • Ability to always have the smartest solutions and services with new technologies (AI, Digital Twin, Blockchain, etc.)

Let us tell you how and show what we have  ready for you

Bridgit Properia is an open platform

With Bridgit Properia you can become Data-driven – be more informed and mitigate risks before they occur i.e. predictive data to automate maintenance.

Bridgit Properia is build on the concept of managing business processes using standard cloud based software – it’s a platform built on Micorsoft ecosystem technology and with a very high degree of automation

Bridgit Properia really is the process-oriented platform that bridges the gap between the smart city ecosystem and today’s reality for real estate companies. Let us show you more about it.

The platform for property focused case and work order management system

  • Full overview of all activities in the buildings
  • Transparent and automated communication with customers and partners
  • Booking and allocation of internal or external contractors including rules and automation
  • Area- and competence-based scheduling of contractors and subcontractors
  • Queue and role-based management of cases, properties, partners
  • Manage inspections and rounds

Structure is everything - we have you covered

  • 360 view of customers and properties including their structures
  • Advanced real estate structure based on reality
  • All areas of the property can be linked to customers, IoT equipment, external services, portal solutions and more
  • Possibilities to connect the building structure with BIM solutions

Lower your risk and become more profitable - now and in the future

  • Invoicing to customers and purchasing management for contractors
  • Contract management of customers and subcontractors
  • Warranty management of spaces and equipment
  • Project management for planned maintenance activities

The platform is centered around your property data - makes it easy to do it right

  • Full traceability of all information
  • Open interfaces to other systems
  • Portal solution for customers, partners and subcontractors
  • Visualize information using embedded graphs and advanced analytics/dashboards
  • Mobile interface for all functionality
  • Omni-channel communication with customers and partners including chat, chatbot, email, mobile, social media, telephony systems with full traceability linked to the property structure

Ready To See What's Next?

Talk with us and we'll show you a demo of the future in property management