We are looking for investors that want to grow a sustainable business with us

But why now?

Reason One

Property owners are digitally immature with huge needs

Property management can get complex when you want to integrate it, not just internally but also externally. There is massive amount of data that needs to be managed and there is a lot of money involved. Don’t you like to get the best and smartest tech to manage it? We do and we are doing it!

Reason Two

An experienced founding team at the right time

There is a huge need for Digital Transformation within the Property Management industry. In order to succeed you need a team with solid transformational background, tech vision, and high energy, with a great network and has experience from the industry.

We have that!

We have a customer first strategy and need to scale

We truly care for our customers and want them to innovate into their future. They are in urgent need right now as the cities gets smarter, and the need to integrate to services grows exponentially. We are growing with them, but at the same time, we need to grow much faster.

We’re changing the way buildings and tenants are managed in the smart city.
Would you like to join us for the ride?