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We like to say ‘Thanks’ to our customers and partners!

2020 has not been a normal year in so many ways, but it was still our first year as a company. It started a bit rocky with COVID-19 hitting the world in March as we just started. The timing was a bit…challenging, but as everyone we used Teams, Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, Facebook and all the other digital communication to meet and greet. The world is becoming more digital, just a perfect setting for us!

As the year past by we worked with customers and their challenges together with our partners. First and foremost we like to send our thanks to them for this successful and profitable year!

We are looking forward towards 2021 and what it has to offer.

Happy Holidays and let’s meet in 2021!

Johan Hallberg

I'm the CEO and Founder of Bridgit Technologies AB

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